Friday, February 20, 2004

I am daddy's girl

today.. i really miss my "ayah"... I've no idea y.. remember his breath.. his voice...his smile.. miss his kiss..his hug.. i really miss my ayah.. :(

I remember my mom said "only one person will treat u like a princess...." yeah i know.. its my ayah. no one else can treat me like the way he do..

me n ayah can share anythings.. from my study until my social life.. bf (time kapel2 dulu.. tehehehe)..ckp jerk la klau ade prob ngan bf.... siap bg tips tue nak jage hati bf.. ahahah.. else, about my frenz....i love ayah.. mmuuaahh.. when i staying in hostel .. secondary school.. klau nak balik rumah sgt ... just call ayah la.. he will cover for me.. so many tricks .. "anak saye demam la.." "have kenduri ler.." old times memory lo.. ayah selalu ulang kisah dolu2... time I'm still lil girl..i spent a lot wif my dad couse my mom still study ... pernah sekali tue.. ayah beli racun tikus.. I nampak.. erm.. ape laie.. mkn la.. sbb ingatkan gule2.. sampai biru muke.. poison... kelam kabut ayah.... ayah citer..dier siap panjat pokok kelape ..nak bg minum air kelape... ilangkan racun tue.. macam2..old times memories...

but until now.. when weekend.. balik rumah.. or holiday...sure i have date wif my ayah.. only both of us will allowed... tehehe.. sharing life... problem.. breakfast kat lua.. or spent evening together...uwaaa.. nak balik...

one more thing.. biler kat umah...bab masak2 nieh my duty la .. really exciting ...sure my dad help me.. siang ikan ker.. potong sayo ke.. have really good time in kitchen... tp kadang2 ngacau jer ayah tgh masak..he want too help something ..tehehe... but one things... malas nak layan ayah... klau pasal tv la.. aiyaaa.. suke nak gado pasal tv erk.. padehal bukannyer tv tue ade satu jerk.. nak juge berebut ngan anak dier sorang nieh.. lepas tue ape lagi...I merajuk la :p my mom jugak yg kene pujuk ..ahahhaa... ayah2.. really miss u... mmuuaaahhhh ..

Daddy, daddy
Your little girl is really
Growing up now

And you will see
That my life will be so fine
And i'm gonna need you
Even more now
It's hard to be
A woman sometimes
Daddy, daddy
Needing you is natural

And when you're down and low
Then i will be there
'cause you can trust in me
I'll be there for you

I'll always be
My daddy's girl

cause that is the way
It was meant to be
My daddy's girl
cause that is the way
It was meant to be

Daddy, daddy
You've been calling me
Too many times now
Why can't you see
That i have my own life?
But i still love you even stronger
Even if it is in another way
Daddy, daddy
Needing you is natural

And when...

somehow... i really scared if i must leave him.. be married.. or... he leave me forever... i dont think i can stand without him.. scary aaa.... erm..but now..i really miss his hug and kiss..