Tuesday, February 24, 2004

My past

Just saw someone yasterday... It been a long time since we broke up.. he still same.. his style.. but he looks more happier wif "someone".. i just *sigh*... he happier than i thought.. its really hurts me..y? I've no idea y it is so hurts.. uh of course between us it's all over..just left memories.. this is real nadia!!!.. face it.. he not for me anymore.. he's not the one. at all. people used to call "jodoh"... sumetimes we dont know what will happen in future.. we in love wif someone.. but later we married someone else... n past, just a memory then.. i think i must put in mind that.. its not worth..waiting for someone in ur past.. worthless..but i'm not a fighter... but i still have to fight all this stupid feeling.. teringat kate2 nieh :

Jika seseorang hadir dalam hidup kamu dan menjadi sebahagian daripada kamu,tetapi atas sebab tertentu dia terpaksa pergi, jangan terlalu sedih ..terimalah kenyataan itu dan sekurang2nya dia pernah membahagiakan kamu.

Erm.. i'm just hoping thats u will happily eva after there..

only wish

Tears of joy,
and not of pain,
tears i could enjoy.
...I only wish.

Memories of glory,
and not of sadness,
a fairy tale story.
...I only wish.

Feelings of pride,
and not of hate,
for him and his bride.
...I only wish.

Wishes of hope,
and not of dispair,
hidden behind this envelope.
...I only wish...