Saturday, February 14, 2004

on my birthday

tehehe..its my birthday.. 20th birthday.. gosh!!.. 20 years old.. aiyoo.. mama said "my little daughter growing so fast.. she's 20 today...its show i'm old enough.. jadi anak yg soleh.."

its so touching.. When she wishing me early in the morning.. 8 o'clock...

last nite.. near to 12 o'clock, i just out for supper.. receive a lot of sms.. calling.. n pnc in VF, its remind me dat i'm not alone ... a lot of frenzz around me.. my mom gave me present 2 days before my date.. handphone... i think she dun't want hear my bla bla.. I'm so annoying I think.. wanna color screen hp...she's gave me nokia 3100.. i love u mom.. muaaahhh.. its too early for guess wat happen today... my besday...

a lot of people celebrating valentines today..'s on a Saturday after all.. celebrating day of love..

Love hurts, love heals,
Love is bad, love is good,
What is love?
Is it real?
Or is it there for us to steal.
Love is something that should come from the heart
Not the black soul that tears us apart.