Thursday, March 18, 2004

"Time is running"

Actually tetibe jerk nak update my blog today.. a few days really make me feels sicksssss.. last nite i got n study... petang tadi pon i got another test.. n assignment to submit .. so my brain was spin.. spinning like gasing la.. uhuu.. its not stop only there.. i have to submit my assignment next monday n another project by friday, and next tuesday i have french sketch to present.. only one week left.. all many things to do .. so when my study time?? aiyak final exam start 29th march lol.. uhuhuh.. pressure time for me.. mmu nieh.. geram plak.. one year wif 3 sem.. we never had sem break more than 3 weeks.. only 3 weeks, duduk rumah.. tido mkn..tido mkn.. abes dah 3 weeks tehehehe

x pernah menggunakan otak semaksimum nieh.. terase tul.. tue la.. bak kate syila" x pernah tgk nadia bz camnieh.." tehehe sungguh kureng tul.. yerler all assignment in individual.. mmg jerk tekene mase assignment 1.. dpt 0?? senang2 jerk bg i kosong? its really fair ker? mostly in his class get 0.. ade similar sket jerk ngan somebdy.. totally u got zero ...even a small part.. lecturer nieh mmg pakar dlm mendetect..hey.. plizz ler.. i x tiru pon org.. tp bendenyer same.. he assign an assignment for all student key..same tittle so probabilty nak same tue.. mmg la besa.. a huge probabilty to similar a part maybe just a part la.. asek2 nak bg esemen ..aiyak... i think programming adelah bende yg sangat jerk mengarut.. camner la ley terlibat bende3 nieh.. aiyakk when ur majoring is software engineering.. u totally majoring in programmimg.. struc..logic prog..OO prog..prog language.. mmg jerk x ley lari dr programming..until u grad la.. i think suppose i major lain MS ker.. MTM ker.. yg more to web.. bley ler ngadap tenet jerk... ahahaha.. buts its still have a programming.. akekeke.. its doesn't different much..same faculty ler..

a conversation wif meh frenz.. she said.. she's never gonna be a programmer.. mmg pening jerk otak.. same la.. mcm malas jerk jadik programmer nieh.. baik jadik housewife.. ahaha.. klau ler my hubby kaye.. boleh kan bang..ahahahah tp when u dah terlibat dlm bende2 nieh.. its ur choice.. so carry on la.. whut for looking back? regret whut happen.. all course no matter whut course ur take... its really hard if u don't have afford to success n finish it.. yeah go nadia go.. within dis 5 years.. i will graduate successfully n have a job, n hv a steady bf wif me.. (kene mencarik nieh ahahaha) i dunno.. whut happen next day.. but dats my plan.. hopefully its will follow as a plan.. a bz life.. yeah its student life.. fully wif an assignment n test n exam n project..

Actually whut i want to become someday from my childhood i want to be a lawyer until i 18 years.. but since i finish my secondary school wif pure sc. student so.. its really hard to apply for art part.. my frenz also like dat.. if u in sc. line.. u can't apply for art line.. before my year.. yes u can.. but for us, its rules.. tehehe.. tp kan camner la klau amek law course.. musti manyak tul membace.. i really hate to read except la novel.. read n memories.. uhu.. bored things.. tabik la org yg study dat kinds of thing.. same like management part.. bussiness.. all need a lot of reading.. .. i can't imagine myself study like dat...

time is really running.. final will come .. n then holiday.. 2nd year.. n time keep running.. sometimes u'll never know dat u become older n older.. gosh... i'm really 20 years already,.. tp perangai mmg mcm budak2 lagi.. hehe. hangs out.. laugh.. cartoon things.. doll things.. ice cream.. all in myself.. busan aaaa.. nak p tgk wayang ler..sape nak banjerk.. tgk my spinning head!! eh... org katekan.. tgk wayang sesowang besh tau.. blom pernah cube.. wanna try someday.. tgk wayang alone..ahahah.. gamble things..