Monday, March 08, 2004

weekend in pearl island

so.. once again i blogged within a week .. so.. i spent my weekend in pearl island.. whut a surprise.. never thought dat i will go there in this period of time.. made my discussion at night a day before.. n then friday afternoon i just take a bus to penang.. last my vacation to penang when i in standard five.. 9 years ago.. huh..whut a long time.. i just call my mom before i go.. my mom was so surprised.. she start nagging at me.. but lastly she said "take care pray wif u.. naik bas elok2... jgn tido jerk. kang kene culik ker ape..klau ibu x kasi...sorang nieh bukan nyer paham.." tehehe i know.. she alwitz understand me... dats y she is my beshfrenzz.. at least tell her where i'm going..

1st day(friday, 5 march)

7.00 pm -arrive at juru (my frenz pick me up there azrul n eiyda..1st time i heard a place called juru :p)

8.30 pm - seagate (picnic nasik lemak at seagate,ahaha.. so funny..everyone was surprised saw me..probably they never thought dat i will be there)exspecially ogee ...tehehe whut a wonderful picnic i ever had.. picnic nasik lemak at nite(anne,ida,eiyda,ena,KJ,konah,sue,nina pahmi,peroih,apit,ogee,izral,abg zul,roy,azriyan,azrul,arman)

11.30pm-picnic is over.. i stay at ena's house, gelugor (they said gelugoQ :p) before dat we(me,kak ena, izral n roy) sajeje amek angin in island,see whut exactly penang looks like in friday nite.. we just go around island.. like gurney,padang kota..penang is quite happening at nite.. maybe there's a lots of chinese

1.00am-time to sleep..

2nd day(saturday,6 march)

11.00am-perangin mall.. they hv link,like a bridge to komtar

1.00pm-we have a lunch in craven at tanjung tokong.. a nice place to go .. "nasi kandar" there we can surfing the net .. ape laie.. amek kesempatan ler :p

2.00pm-waiting for izral,tomatoz n apit in craven

4.00pm-feringghi time.. yeah.. sempat la posing bape pose kat beach.. a lovely beach there.. wow miami beach pon ade (berangan miami :p) tp before arrived there..i terlajak sampai telok bahang ...nieh kes salah information ler nieh

-dinner at tari cafe ala2 cafe(me,apit,azrul,ena,anne,izral,tomatoz,roy n achik) lepak sane lame gaks couse Anne's car x ley jln so..waiting for pickup car

9.30pm-once again in seagate..pekene laksa penang.. teheh besh ler mkn tepi2 laut nieh..angin2

11.30pm-back ena's home..(sampai umah mak dier suh mkn lagi.. mati la makcik camnieh :p asek mkn jerk..tehehehe)

3rd day(sunday,7march)

10.00pm-bukit jambul (tgks tournament bowling bikerz si izral n tomatoz tue masuk..sambil2 tue main bowling la sekaki)

12.30pm-lunch at bayan baru "nasi padang" besh gilozzz.. rupenyer org penang nieh mkn ulam manyak (me,azrul,ena,apit,ida,n ogee)

2.30pm-my bus to kl

thanks..even my travel is quite "unexpected" but a lotz of frenz sudi meluangkan mase for me there.. be wif u all its new experience for me.. its true dat anne said..penang is food heaven.. bley gemoks ceQ dok sane.. thanks exspecially to kak ena (place to stay) n azrul for my guide there.. lain kali ceQ mai penang lagi noo :p