Friday, April 09, 2004

.:New Layout & holiday:.

New layout

hey ya~ take a look wif my new layout.. kewl~ huh? actually i already change it to "brain theme" but i'm not really passion wif black , i dont know y...mebi cause soo many people using black as their background, so, i dont want black.. as mr buttet@bruce said "aik.. kan tak suke itam?" actually i bukan la x suke.. just its too many fan..tehehe, i alwitz different wif other.... i really admire wif bloody red color, its likes we r so brave, so sensual, and mebi so sexy.. huahuaha.. but, i couldn't find any cool~ image for red or orange color, so sad huh *sob*sob*... but finally i found dis two image.. cool, young, cute.. key la.. exactly like me! *jgn jeles* tehehehe.. so once again,same wif before dis, i use "soft pink" color.. aha.. quite good combination.. but i'm not really big fan wif dis pink thing, just its seem like nice to see, baru la tenang je to read my blog( i think lol! ) i dont know la if u like it or not.. just left ur comment and let me know key? its really kewl to share our opinion..

My life

dis week got 3 paper to go, last paper on saturday, n after dat.. yeah.. its time to holiday!! but.. it looks likes only us finish on saturday.. everyone already packing their stuff n berambus dr ostel ..tehehe yerlah.. dah tak dapat stay ostel lagi kan..*sob*sob* i'm gonna miss belmig , n miss to mendaki ostel sampai top floor nieh.. uwah.. i'm gonna miss ostel.. ( really ker? ) after my last paper, i'm flying without wing to pearl island, waha! tak sabar plak.. alehai, i'm gonna be de last one to arrive there.. lol sedey la plak.. teheheh but i miss betty n melaka la.. nabil (rojak boyz.. rite? ) invited me to melaka.. he said "besides it will makes de toll more cheaper..." tehehe.. thanks anywhere.. send my salamz to ur girlfriend n also betty yer nabil..

i mizz my home la.. miss my amni (my last sistah!)but mom already register my name into sewing class.. she so dengki la wif me.. suka hantar me to class like dat.. aiyoo.. lepas nieh menjahit la makcik.. chaiyoo nadia!!