Sunday, April 04, 2004

~Polly n betty~


It's still exam week anywhere.. nuthing much happens, after my 1st paper,
I decided to catch a movie. It has been a while and I really needed a good movie to ease my mind on a lot of things. This time it was "Along Came Polly".I think the movie was pretty good,

Along Came Polly" might be a lame, formulaic comedy, but it sets up entertaining sequences cleverly designed for the talents of three of its stars and has the good sense to get out of the way and let audiences enjoy their performances.Reuben(Ben Stiller),Polly (Jennifer Aniston),Sandy(Philip Seymour Hoffman). Its really interesting, It's worth when u spent your money for this movie!!! Its really makes your laugh and laugh..

#Reuben n Polly prince wif their salsa dance#

and thanks for my dearie friend kaze , cause teman n blanjer me for this film.. tehehe meredah ujan.. erk kaze.. thanks a lot... i really enjoy for this show!!


Yasterday, quite curios, why all congrats betty? rupenya she's unavailable now.. she's my beshfrenz@soulmate@housemate@classmate, time both of us together in MMU Mlk (2Oo2).. but now, i tercampak in cyber, and she still loyal wif her emerald in MMU MLk tue. Its really shock me actually cause it's unexpected.. uwaa.. jelous+sedey la.. why i suppose to sad anywhere when its a really good news.. betty, akhirnya got someone in her life..tak tau la.. mebi suddenly i feel yang betty makin jauh nanti.. dah la kat mlk.. pehtue dah ade bf.. uwaaaa.. dunno, i think when she get married, i also can cry.. betty, u cannot spent a lot of time wif me nanti.. *sob*sob* kene divide wif your Hilmi.So here, i pray for ur happiness, hopefully ur relation until the end, and make sure ur Hilmi jage u elok2.. yer betty.. just kecik hati .. sbb u neve story before this... once again *sob*sob* , when u story anythings wif me.. tertinggal Hilmi things..tehehe kecik ati *ikut syila.. well.. its reality , a frenz will stay as a frenz.. our beshfrenz will have their own life someday..its a fact.. ourselves also.. (eceh, mcm hang nak kawen jer gaye ceq tulis neih )well when i can fly to mlk.. kowang dah sampai dah cyberjaya nieh.. just me belum sampai mlk sejak pindah.. mebi in Mei, so prepare me for Umbai seafood.. yeah! ingat erk.. ;) pesan ngan zai gaks.. windOo melaka..

weih.. cik nazzzz.. when u will come back to cyber.. miss u already *wink*wink* .. :p i already speak wif my katil lo.. ahahahaha.. (its not come from my heart actually *cover*) you lah panawar hati .. jantung .. me in cyberjaya.. u are good frenz naz.. thanks a lot for being my frenz whole beta year and next2 year..