Monday, April 19, 2004

temporary housewife

temporary housewife

Quit tired be a housewife wif kids, huhuhuh... wake up early in morning.. even birds I can't hear lots of things until end of day.. erm.. y i m saying like dat? I'm not going anywhere for this sem break except for penang last weekend ( really exciting! ).. so, my mom was assigned me wif her job ,doing same things everyday.. so now i have my own home schedule :

630 am : wake up
715 am : send my sister (Dini) to school
830 am : sewing clazz ( i think i wanna drop diz subject from my shedule )
1030 am : pasar time ( hello fishy!! )
1100 am : send my lil baby to tadika ( amni )
1115 am : start cooking for lunch / doing all housework (sidai,menyapu,basuh pinggan)
1315 am : pick up Dini from schoolz
1400 pm : send Dini to agama school and pick up amni from tadika
1430 pm : amni in da house, her lunch, aiyak.. dier mmg x tau nak duduk diam.. penat..
1700 pm : park time ( playground time ) with amni
1800 pm : pick up Dini
1830 pm : cook for dinner, angkat baju..
2130 pm : get amni ready for zzzz "story time"
2230 pm : prepare peoplez clothes for tmr ( i hate ironing!! )
0000 am : -dead-

i feel like a driver.. but i think i'm really a home driver... everyone just call when need me to pick they allz anywhere and anytime.. "along pick me up now" "along send me there, here" aiyak.. erm.. being a temporary housewife really make me realize that my mom is so kewl.. manage our house n at the same time need to work.. cian ibu erk.. really tired, i'm gonna be just like my mom.. i don't like to hv a maid.. dulu pernah la.. but i'm not comfortable, feel like stranger in da house, someone unknown aite? i can handle, manage my own house.. so whut for maid kan... blagak plak.. huhuhuh

very lazy wif my sewing class.. one week alreadi.. but i just know pembaris... its so many ruler they got.. nak kenal pembaris pon.. one class they need..2 week left,my hols left only 2 weeks..gosh!! x sempat kot for learning whole sewing lesson..i think nak drop jer sewing class tue.. buat messy my schedule jer.. kene wake up early morning lagi.. part time learner jerk la.. tehehe.. actually i never menjahit.. dunno y.. cause time skola, i didn't take ERT..lagipon.. my mom x minat .. so lebey kurang la i .. but my dad dem good in sewing.. pernah curtain at my house my dad yg jahit.. really cool la daddy!! he knows~.. dats pepole say.. we never same wif our partner... pro n contra.. mom x suke menjahit.. my dad really good plak.. but its really cool if we x sama minat wif our partner.. nanti busan la plak.. duer2 same jerk minat.. is't? but i'm gonna expert in sewing things..fully learn.. sume bende tau.. azam nieh.. yeah.. before i ge married la.. lame lagi.. so sempat la.. ahaks~

yeah.. i think sewing its really interesting to learn if we all minat.. klau x minat.. x yah la.. busan.. just like mom.. half way jer learn.. peoplez say "women must know 2 things basically , cooking and sewing" but sumtimes in nowdays everything it's so easy to get, clothes? many shop we can get it..dunno how to cook? many shop lol.. instant food.. its easy.. we still can hidup.. but luckily i born as an eldest one.. so.. automatic i know how to cook la.. mebi cause my parent alwitz x derk kat umah.. so kene la masak for my soldiers (I always call them askar).. i just love cooking.. dunno y..

key.. it really tired updating my blog..