Thursday, May 20, 2004

I'm falling in love!!!

I'm falling in love!!!

i'm falling in love!! hauhauhauha.. love at the 1st sight.. ahaks.. i'm falling in love wif TROY.Its never will turn to reality.. =( *sob *sob

i catch this movie last Monday wif Naz, Sara, Faizal, Wawa, Dura and Hanis (Is't all name there??)

This is not the movie for people who have read and reread the "The Iliad" and have dreamed of the Trojan War, the clash of civilizations, the mighty armies and outsize personalities. It is more for people who want to see Brad Pitt in a tunic, some good combat scenes and a little romance.

It is also not for people who have contemplated Helen of Troy and wondered at a face that could launch a thousand ships. The Helen of Troy we get here, as played by Diane Kruger, looks more like Helen of Troy, N.Y. -- a pretty girl who could easily launch a paddle boat, maybe, or a couple of canoes, but that's about all. Still, a movie that's 160 minutes long and never boring, that provides a talented cast with juicy roles and a charismatic star (Pitt) with a great showcase is not something to be buried under ridicule. "Troy" is all Hollywood and no Homer, but within its limits, it's a vigorous, entertaining movie.

Its just nice movie to catch and enjoy.. its coolz!! but its not for those who really want it same as "The Iliad" =D

I gave B for this movie.. i really like it!! and its just for fun!! Its worth for u catch it!! without expecting it will be same as the story.. =D Its not classical at all..

#oh.. my Achilles#

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