Saturday, May 15, 2004

shopping = women & stupid dog!

shopping = women

shopping & women, quite interesting topic, just thinking abt it after watch one talk show yasterday.Shopping and women.. nothin' can separated it, most women addicted to shopping.Shooping full wif passion( its for me lah ) when we start buy somethin' its just can't stop.. ahaks.. last i'm goin' for shopping when huh? Ooo last month at KLCC i wanted just go for window shopping only but suddenly its turn around! gosh !!! i buy 3 pairs of sandals from La primavera.Can u imagine? 3!! not just one... i'm not planning for shopping at 1st but.. its happen... but i'm not regret anywhere.. =D i just like it and its SALE!!

If I'm goin' for shopping i comfortable, alone without any man of course, my experience go shpping wif a man, u ask them abt their opinion, they just sayz "yeah its nice" wif bored face.. so better u alone la or wif ur buddyz!! y man don't like shopping? sometimes i think.. but I've no idea why. go shopping guyzz its fun!!

i'm the person which can go one store to another store , after whole mall i "tawaf" n then i just back to 1st store.. huahuaha.. .. seldom women just buy whut their needs, mostly they love shopping even just window shopping.. but i 'm not can't windows.. watchin without buyin' anythin', nope I cant, thatz y.. If only i want buy something, I'm hunting of it.

but i'm not really someone shopping terlampau =p i still control myself.. in a year i think i'm not spending much in makeup things.. huih.. whut amazing... i just realize when betty selongkar my drawer. she said "nadia.. lipstick aritue nieh. x beli baru ker?" wow.. jimatnyer.. ahaks.. dulu one month one lipstick.. improvement!! but still can't see shoes.. =( crazy wif shoes!! but i just wear a pair which i love most. whut for else?? dunno.. but its collection.. people just come n borrow mine if they had function.. its useful anywhere rite?? buat kebajikan... and handbag too.. love it!! two thingzz i crazy abt..

hv u been in situation like this? regret after u buy something?? "uwargh.. itz really crazy i buy this jeans, its not suit" "buy something makes u feels its not u!". erm.. i feel it many times .. just.. i want it.. i just buy it.. remember i bought a shoes from Vinci i think.. its RM59.90. not really expensive shoes.. but i just wear it once.. cause its not suit wif me.. looks like penguin .. but RM60 still a money rite?? regret.. so its still in box until today... erm.. many shoes that i just wear couple times.. i just realize.. coz its match wif certain place only..

This tingly rush feels like a jolt of electricity shooting through your veins. Many women are shopping junkies. That's right! They need their fix just as much as that heroine addict that hangs out in dark alleys. The only difference is that we hang out at shopping malls, or anywhere else that they are having a sale.

I found out in some article that there is a ten-step program

Have kids- less money to spend
-Decide to be a stay at home mom. You will even have less money to spend
-Buy a Pet- they will mess in the house if you go shopping too much
-Bring your mother-in-law shopping with you. I believe they call this aversion therapy
-Bring your kids with you- this is a great deterrent too. When you have a three-year-old twisting on the clothes rack and going round and round like it is a merry-go-round, you will find that it is much too embarrassing to be in the mall.
-Go to a store that has terrible customer service. If you get into a few shouting matches with the manager, you will be less tempted to go shopping. This is more aversion therapy.
Warning: Only do this if you are desperate:
-Try on swimsuits. Looking into one of those mirrors could scare the hell out of Pamela Anderson!
-Bring your husband shopping with you. His whining and pouting will make you want to go home as soon as possible.
-If #8 does not work, bring your husband to Circuit City or Best Buy. He will spend so much money that you will have none left to go shopping!
-Go to a store with a more energetic shopaholic. You will be so tired and so broke that you will swear off shopping forever or at least until the next big SALE!

If none of these methods work, you are a shopaholic and you should seek help immediately!

stupid dog!

i hate my neighbour's dog!!! stupid dog!! Its can't stop barking ..just little dog.. but his voice so loud.. i wanna sleepz meh.. never i had a daaay peace.. but today i'm hear someone yelling "can u shut ur dammed stupid dog!!!! i can't stand anymore" finally someone shout up.. whut for have a dog if he never stop barking.. rase nak racun jerk anjing tu.. huahuahuaha "jahat gilozzz" someday!! (if i cant stand anymore... )=D huahauhauha


  1. learn to be forgiving ah. maybe that day dog barking and spoiling ur sleep..maybe next time ur own child melalak and disturb others

  2. I can't remember that I wrote this entry, 2004's entry, I just turn 20, now I am 27, more matured, and sabar banyak. Thanks darling! :)