Wednesday, July 28, 2004

connection wif mom

connection wif others? ur mom as an example?? i think u should believe.. last weekend... i miss my family badly .. at one point I think I want to cry.. dah lah alone here ( planning going back but I had thingz to do .. very sad lo *sob ) Suddenly my mom call, she said dat they will come tomorrow . yea. yea.. i just thinking in my head n suddenly she ring me plakz.. very lucky la me.. its happen so many time la..

i remember..
when I'm in hostel.. its happen.. one day, i really want 'kari daging' ..nak sgt... dunno y la.. n then my frenz said my mom was waiting for me downstairs. n....she brought me 'kari daging' . wow.. really2 surprise.. i didn't call .. my mom ckp "nieh hah.. kari daging.. terase nak masak plak hari nieh.. " unbelievable.. mom n her kids really got 'sumting'.

And my mom pernah cakap.. dia selalu tak tenteram when its cometo weekend, feel sumtin' , n dats y my mom weekend je, melawat sy. ehehehe. Every weekend sepanjang five years in hostel.. ahahaha.. she willing to come , i'm not push her tau. but Of course la.. i said nutin to do in weekend if she not comin, so better she come , sekejap pon x per.. my mom pernah x datang, but my dad replaced her, to visit me alone, selalunye both of them. But only me tau macam tue.. other my sibling she will come once in month.. ahahaha kesian diorg, my little bro in SMAP Labu, seremban, dia pernah cakap "ibu lawat adi bley kire ngan jari" itulah sape suruh jauh sgt. But when in MMUmlk .. x kisah dah.. ibu lawat ke x.. ahakz.. dah besa dah anak ibu.. tehehe.. nieh la.. my mom selalu ckp "dis girl name jerk sulung tapi perangai mengalahkan yg bongsu" u alwayz memahami la .. dats my mom..

but... i alwayss be a daddy's girl.. rite ayah?

# cayang.. muuaaahh #

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