Friday, July 16, 2004

Grr thingzz!! =p

just finish my assignment.. wut da hell day dat i had.. I'm not sleeping.. oh.. yes I do. but only for 1 and half hour.. cause my groupmate UD rang me for make sure dat i'm not fall asleep =p =p.. i feel messy.. not comfortable.. ah.. rimas la.. dunno la.. sumhow i'm quit " bengang " wif other groupmate.. she's not doin' anything at all.. wow.. and bertambah la.. " bengang " cause she msg me.. and said " nadia.. i can't wait for u two finish the essemen.. i nak balik hometown.. homesick! " oh gosh.. she's really annoying.. dats assignmen only me and UD did it. Both of us.. really suffer i think.. dats y UD said.. "nadia .. another essemen kite group berdue jer la.." but... its me again.. i said dat i want itz like dat too.. but.. i'm not dat strong enuff to tell her.. dat we will kick her ass out from our group.. can i? ale.. dats my " lembut hati " come again.. ya ya.. its happen all the time.. my frenzz ask me to tell lect. dats she didn't contribute at all.. but itz nevemind la.. malas kecoh2 .. but only " geramla " dats all.. me n UD mmg sleepless for few days.. but her?? never ask whether how our assignmen progress?? dats really wanna makes me grrr beb! eceh

hopefully other esemen.. will make me luv my groupmate.. yeah. i think.. i'm gonna luv them! final around da corner.. but? esemen n test still there la!! biler la finish all this kind of stuff, suffer!! :-/ uh emak.. saye mau kawen.. ahahahahha.. mengarut! =p ;)

# mEssY tablE..=D #

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