Friday, July 23, 2004

not much happen dis week.. Still bz wif assignment.. 4 more to submit.. test will coming.. final too.. wow.. wut pathetic life!.. ahaha.. n 1 more games to finish it.. about 'game' which i design it.. sum of my buddies so curious about it.. betty n other of my frenzz ask me if i changes majoring to Games Design ker? ahakz.. still that question running in ur head huh?..Soft. Eng's student like me, can't do design any games ker? think2.. still same concept.. rite?

n my housemate had a crazy week wif her 'calculator' assingment.. making own calculator.. coolz huh? but its button kinda funny.. so big..a giant calculator.. tehehe

p/s- i will blogging again if all settle..

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