Saturday, August 07, 2004

so my life is still continue with study n assignment.. today i had an interview.. for my subject lo.. sucks.. subject pon had an interview!. so bored! so 1st thing i pick up UD ( my classmate ) he same interview session wif me, at hostel.. kesian dier.. he can't walk coz last week he had an accident.. so kaki dier patah.. can u imagine? final around the corner.. dier masuk hospital plak .... early morning dier call.. "Nadia.. kaki aku patah " kesian.. but nak gelak juge.. teheh.. now .. if sumtin important.. i'll be his driver plak.. I said.. "UD budak cacat yang mengada.." kesian la.. nak jalan pon susah.. i pray for my health.. i dun wan patah anything :p so seksee... everythin must sumbadi tolong..oh tidak.. pray2.. so interview goin really well..well done nadia :>

After interview session, UD asked me for wait a while to settle about " group " assignment thingz .. discussion hati ke hati.. amboi.. nk lari... but.. wait la.. so discuss la about dis last assignment .. UD gave dat girlz word.. lastly dier tarik diri.. i'm not saying a word pon.. coz nothing to said... kitorang bkan suruh dier tarik dirii.. just ask her for buat now... me n UD only.. so.. in progress la.. wutever la.. so lazy to think about small thingz..

one thingz so funny about guyz ,example UD or syuk or kid ( my frenzz la ), selalu biler aweks call.. "Nadia, diam2.. aweks aku call nieh.." tehehe.. takut.. kang aweks sembur.. sbb ade suare gurlz eh.. gurlz pon like dat ker? curious..

cont. to study meh.. do program.. sambil2 main neopets.. ahaha..

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