Wednesday, October 20, 2004


i'm deleting the previous entry.. with a reason.. uh.. some people asked or chat wif me about gift . hey,. Start wif betty.. Hilmi's besday, and then in class wif Lisa.. asked me wut suppose she give to Im ( her bf ), and we all chat in class about it... tehehe.. if sleepy lol.. yerler 8 am class, dah la seciput je manusia.I've no idea , wut a guy want? wut suppose we give to them? hey guyz!! wut really do u wants ?

Ira gave fendy, underwear , this kind of gift not all people "selese" wif it, rite? for me.. its normal things.. lot of my frenz give their bf.. lame2.. biase jer.. but i never try it yet, tehehe. Else.. ade yg pernah bg wallet, watch, pants, perfume or ps2. tehehe.. ps2? kinda funny.. but its still valid for guyz kan? guyz wif games, mcm ade link.

For me.. wutever u give them i think most of guyz appericeate it, an example like Ud ( my frenz la ) ,he got roses n bear, kinda cute wut, he also ckp dier suke.. bear.. cutie lil bear.. so sweet la i think.. if i yg dpt pon suke giler .. ade 2 bear.. name ape.. forgot la alredi, not mine pon. Mal, he got a wallet and belt.. senyum x ingt.. suke la tue.. he told me dat.. dier x keysah.. wuteva pon, he will love it!

You can give anythings, i think if u give and plus with ur heart.. it will be the sweetest birthday eva. No matter wut, Underwear :p, wallet, bear, pants, perfume, belt or just card.. gift bkan mengukur kasih sayang kita.. it just material thingy, but lain la.. if we judge our love wif material thingz.. rite buddies?? wish u all luck!

its still pening2.. whoever u want to buy a gift , x kire mom, dad, sis, bro, ur friends.. memilih hadiah mmg pening!! dizzy rite?

p/s- lupe aku nk letak.. hah.. smoge selamat ko sampai mesia shidee wei.. kang x letak.. bebel :p suke dier naik SIA .. sbb stewardess cun pehtue suke ckp fresh orange.. itu jer? x de keje tul dier sowang nieh.. balik juge ko..

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