Friday, December 31, 2004


GoodBye 2004

end of 2004...
in a year , everyone had many things happen, 365 days passed with a lot of memorable things in our life. Gosh! really ..its been a year. So has it been a good year? me? sort of.. or i dont know.. mebi yes..or mebi not, combination both.

For me..
year 2004, carried many experience in my life. I started from zero, kinda messy with my relationship, broke up, and so many unexpected things happen. This actually happen early 2004.. january.Everything are affected when our relation end, my life, my study, my feeling.. owh really.. i dont wanna get thru that again ... for my entire life.. that first and last experience i hope.. feel so betrayed. Really thanks to people around me that time.. mom, friends.. hey.. if affected ur studies.. its really terrible things can happen.. i dont want it again.. oh god.. ur studies.. thats ur life, ur future, so enough! No need a guy like that in my life..

Thats my 2004.. so its that a good year? tehehe mebi half.. coz.. from that ..i learned lots of things.. i is not end yet.. so.. i wake up.. focus on my study.. my life.. my friends.. my family.. be a better person... Alhamdulillah.. kinda worth it... when all follows the schedule.. until now.. honestly.. i feel great.. aha.. happy with my life now! yizzzi!

For few days before new year.. i spent time watch movies, and enjoyed MMUWorld debate, largest debate in earth ( that was from their banner ) tehehe.. cool when u can watch students from all over the world. Aha.. lots of handsome guy ..u know.. tehehe..yep with "nerd"y too.. mostly guy participant, guys so argumentative ker?..ahahaha la.. but really enjoyable.. u can catch their schedule here.

So.. Goodbye 2004.. each seconds we walk thru, its soo precious moment in our life, time just cant turn back.. its just passed.. left u thousand moment and lots of experience, no matter bad things or good things happen.. its happen! u dont know what's around the corner, Everyone has ups and downs. Enjoy ur life!!

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. ~Auguste Rodin

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