Saturday, January 08, 2005

Bad habit

Always late for a class.. isnt matter? i've no idea why, even i wake up early.. suddenly had feeling "isnt too early to class??" oh... no... so.. again ...i'm late.. tehehe.. a bit late.. only for 10-15 minutes.. but it still consider late aite?.. everyone was there except peoples who came late like me..

How Nadia ? I've to list in my resolution list.. "no more late for classes" aha.. *winks.. but in the other side, no matter how late i am.. i still attended classes.. even 30 minutes late.. i dont want miss a class la. but i will come early nxt time.. *new spirit

Actually ..i'm only late for morning classes usually ...too lazy to move..for a class.. tehehe.. but when i came a bit early .. i'm too bored waiting for other people to come in, lecturer.. that so painful.. aa.. malasnye.. but even i'm late.. my other friends lagi lambat.. ahahaha.. aha sempat tue call "nadia.. still got people come in ker? takut aaa "

only for class.. other things, i'm not too late.. tehehe.. when it comes to study things.. it always happen. :D
so help me solve this bad habit..i'm figure it out ..

even u late or not.. everyone try to find seat from the back.. tehehe.. y? and u too people? tehehehe.. thats another very bad attitude...

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