Sunday, January 30, 2005



I'm waiting my buddy for an appointment with her stylist.. really dem bored, .. now i totally understood why my sis told me.. that she never never again be my companion for my hair stuff ..she company me once when i had my hair stuff last year.. 3-4 hours i think she wait for me there.. pity but who else i can be with.. oh swear , i dont know how many times i walk away.. i thinks 6 hours we in that saloon. She highlights her hair with 3 colors, oh no .. 2 actually.. another one her blackie color. ahah.. guess how much it cost.. tehehe rm600.. really kewl.. if me.. wasting my money on only that hair stuff for 600.. believe me.. my mom will kill me.. ahahaha.. i'm not into that type of lady.. 600 can buy my clothes dude.. not just one.. tehehe.. my buddy said that cost including the treatment, so its cheap la.. yeah.. mebi she's rite.. if package with treatment and highlighting with 2 colors ( a bit blonde and burgundy ).. mebi not really expensive.

actually coloring hair and highlighting.. its a bit differ .. color u just color it, highlights, u add light to hair..add a brighter dimension to hair color, its can enhance the face, add dimension and shine, and when done correctly, the effect is, well. i'm not really into this, never done this highlighting. Just give an information .

Nowdays everythings really cost money.. a lot of.. from hair to your nail. Many womens really freak about this beauty world. my other friend, show me her new look, erm.. i think same.. but a bit la.. her hair.. oo.. teknik rebounding eh(says with "iklan" tune)..she want more straight.. and puff there is.. tehehe... thats cost rm300++.. rebound and color a bit, and also layer it.. kewl.. everyone nampaknye.. tehehe.. but if u got haircut pon, u just layer it.. not really get haircut , cost rm30.. all about money.. aha.. curls goin take over.. my friends pon ramai wants to get curly.. depends lol..

One more craziest beauty thingy is nail .Pedicure or manicure, make sense.. if u want ur nail like these watch out..its will cost u around rm10 per nail.. aha per nail.. count it.. :p

// betty.. ingt x mase alpha dulu.. aku ..ko ngan maey.. buat keje giler dengan rambut kite.. tehehe lucky , outcome its well done.. so funny ..

// syila.. kate nk pegi treatment rambut.. :p

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