Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Life?

A Life?

i'm crazy enuff..
wut a terrible weeknd that i had..
actually i just woke up from my sleep.. after few days sleepless.. revenge bebeh.. ahaha..
and start cleaning my workspace.. very messy life i had last weeknd..
assignment fever.. doing it 3 days non stop.. nothing else to work ..
actually its harder part come when my team mate drop that subject...
others drop it too , ezan, razie... ayat besh jer.. "aku x tahan tekanan la nadia.."
okeh bebeh .. its up to you dude.. all about money.. better drop when it still early..
for sure that u can't do it..and really sure u gonna fail .. save ur money.. but.. work for it la.. rite? as long you still in mmu without grad.. that also wasting ur money.. tehehe
so back to myself..
so i work alone for that assgmnt.. malas nak carik org lg.. actually my friends ask me if my group still need people or not.. so he can join mine la.. but..i said no.. full.. cause i know him well.. and i know.. better i work alone.. jahatnye nadia!!! and he so irritating for me .. keep asking me if i finish or not.. do it by urself la..


part sedeh..
my house.. beras dah habis.. so.. i'm dem lazy to go out ..somebody please tapau kn for me .. uwaaa.. and my housemate pon balik... so i'm alone.. uwaa... only today.. i got nasi.. yeay! after few days..itu pon after submit assgmnt and settle all ... i think like living in no where cavern.. tehehe survive with little things.. but i'm not hungry pon.. too busy.. sometimes we just forgot else.. yeah .. everyone else too .. so i'm not weirdo.. tehehe.. example : saturday.. around 530 am pagi tau..yudi msg me.. "nadia aku lapa" aih.. so pity at him and we going to hassan cafe... with huda.. ahah.. so everyone too busy and starving..famish.. but we sooo unlucky.. pepagi bute wei.. nasi abes la.. just had "roti canai".. miss nasi.. ahaha.. boley kurus mcm nieh.. besh..

weekend passed.. all things settle.. but a new assgmnt just come out.. ganbate.. tomorro i got my kayak training.. yeay!!! its time to relex.. last weekend i can't go.. *sob.. who wanna to join me?? inform me eh.. i dem in love with this kayakING since school, once in month for sure i will.. but since in mmu nieh.. sometimes only... and now i just start to rawk again.. kayak i mean .. tehehe..

//the last .. last..person i want to be with in this sport.. betty.. u should see how she handle that.. ahahaha .. ulps. u know u are dude! .. jum betty.. =D

what is this??? i hv no idea why its here..tehehe

owh.. i must go to clinic.. lupe plak..

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