Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Novel's freak?

Novel's freak?

i never saw my mom acted like yasterday.. actually she drop by at cyberia to sent my stuff , and suddenly she was saw my new julie garwood's novel . At first she just ask la...

ibu : "along.. novel julie garwood tue.. sape punye? "
i just smile..
me : "why? "
ibu : "if yours.. i want to borrow it" and then she smile like a kid want something.. u know?
me : "i'm not finish yet la.." i dont want to give her, nope.. tehehe..
ibu : " give me , i'll finish it just one nite " keep trying.
me : " one nite? ibu bawak balik rumah la tue.. i'm not finish yet "
ibu : " ala... i'll send it back to u.. promise.. this week i'll return back "
me : " how? u datang sini ker? "
ibu : " ye ye.. can i? "

and my sis show my mom handbag
"along.. tgk nieh.. everywhere she will bring one.."

at last.. i for sure kalah.. take it la mummy... i'm not so Hitler.. tehehe i know her very well.. she really novel maniac. I think my house got hundred and hundreds of novels, i'm not count it.. but not a malay novel.. she not into malay's novel but english's novel.. Ypu can look at her collection, from her college era until now.She told me, at first she's not a reader, but she's doing TESL that time at UKM , so her lecturer advise everyone to read a novel,to improve and from that lo.

Imagine ur moms act like ur sis.. trying to get something from u.. its so hilarious.. oh ibu.. klaka la u nih.. n then she trying to bid with u.. exchanges novel with u... tehehe.. i'll sure to give u la mummy.. sajeje main2..

julie garwood, judith mcnaught, deborah gordon that a few names i can remember from my mom collection, i just started to become a novel freak? ohh no... tehehe.. naahh.. it just ...looking at that hundreds novel and not doing anything? so sayang la.. too many novels.. and not to read it? so i start to read.. why my mom so crazy about this things? and now..mebi i'm the one will follow her.. tehehe so poor la nanti.. if my mom age.. this type of novel like US$5.00 to US$5.50 but now increase to US$8.50 to US$9.00.

my dad said.. got many novels burned .. oh... sayangnye.. oh i know why.. my house also got too many magazine..yeah.. thats all of us collect it except my dad.. from our childhood until now.. names whut d'hottie that time.. we got it.. comic especially until now.. my bro keep buy it, now Hype,Gempak, Starz, etc, I cant remember all . When i'm teenager, remaja and etc. Now? Cleo,Female, Her World. Else? I dont hv to buy cause its already at home, Jelita, Perempuan, Keluarga, Nona, and etc.. and all that type of magazine.. thats my mom. So... if too many.. and there cleaning operations at my house, old stuff will be burned.. sayang.. but no space to keep it, and it will keep growing with new magazines and also Novels. Our library not so big enough too kept all collection from amni's fairy tale books until mummy's things.

Books are delightful society. If you go into a room and find it full of books - even without taking them from the shelves they seem to speak to you, to bid you welcome. ~William Ewart Gladstone

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