Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

i'm 21st today!! 14 february..
Happy Birthday to myself..
Thanks all for whising me, calling, sms, ym..
Wishes, just enough..
I love you all so much..

blew candles twice already..
first celebrated at home...
wif my family.. in advance..
and last nite , my suprise celebration..
thanks to all my friends.. thats so suprise..
really.. i have no idea.. thanks.. thanks.. speechless..
aih.. kene tipu hidup2..
luckly worth it! hehe..

wake up this morning with daddy call...
big girl huh?
21.. a lot of number..
long day , be a birthday's girl,

I just wishing and hoping..
a colorful life ..

and HAPPY BIRHTDAY to my blog too..
10 feb 2004
first birthday

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