Monday, February 07, 2005

Mini Kayak XPDC

Mini Kayak XPDC,Wetland Park,Putrajaya

Spending our mid sem break with training and XPDC.. so exciting and really enjoyable even after that.. sume sakit.. tehehe... help me..

Tittle : Mini Kayak XPDC
Organize by : Taman Wetland, Putrajaya
Praticipant : MMU, UPM, UNITEN, HSBC group, and public people.

Actually me and my friends register under public, not thru MMU, but they keep calling we from MMU.. tehehehe x per lah..proud to be MMUian's.. really enjoy and having fun with all and also i'm so burniing.. global warming.. waaahh it was so hot, i'm so tan rite now.. .. we start at 930 am and finish at 330 pm.Journey almost 20 km, wah.. mengayuh sejauh itu? . So enjoyable!! will miss u all .. exspecially org yg suke simbah aku ngan air.. aih.. x de keje agaknye ..

We need to cross 7 beautiful bridge,really awesome structure of bridges around Putrajaya... We start from Wetland Park, and then we need stopped, we can't cross "empangan" so.. we supposed to angkat kayak ( that the hardest part for me, coz i really x larat nak angkat.. tehehe thanks for helping me anyone), , and the we continue our journey till the end...

and.. jgn sangke yg bertudung tue girls.. tehehe.. sume cover their face.. so hot.. I'm so burning and tan.. everyone can see it.. tehehe.. ramai betul yg tego.. "masuk dlm oven ker kak.. "

finding nadia ;)

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