Saturday, February 26, 2005

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment

i couldn't sleep for 2 days cause of my assignment, sakit mate dibuatnye.. normal for last minute's people like me..erm.. its not doin it last minute but I've no idea how to do at first la, so keep delay and delay.. terime la a mess week,plus with test paper.. huih..i got one things to share.

Last sunday, i'm goin back to Kuale s'ngor and for the first time in this year.. i'm using public transport.. lamenye x gune.. usually i'm not and goin back by my own. So that sunday i took komuter from Serdang to Klang, and from Klang i terpakse naik bus to my home. At first.. i'm not sure either 'that man' looking at me or not.. but i noticed him staring at me.. really uncomfortable.. yerler.. ntah2 i perasan jer.. why someone staring at me without a good reason..

And.. its not half journey yet.. a man besides me bell the bus.. so an empty seat besides me la.. suddenly .. really shocks me ..that man who staring me at first suddenly sit besides me.. what the hell r u doin here mr.?? sooo irritating with this man.. he got a sit just now.. so why movin here? why? and i trying to ignore him, continue reading my book ( Thnks to my mom.. books everywhere .oh no)i can read it in komuter.. but in bus.. i just can't.. feeling like wanna throwin out.. nk muntah... of course .. imagine in bus.. aih penin..

And.. i cant imagine why this irritating man still staring at me.. so obvious.. lookin at me with his head too, its not just jeling or whatever.. but turning to me.. oh.. and he keep moving to me.. makin lame makin rapat.. until i think.. hey.. he's not too big pon.. and me too.. nak sempit2 nieh apsal.. rapat sungguh.. geram giler.. only God know what i feel that time.. irritated, annoyed, mad.. dem mad.. and afraid.. i dont know why..mebi cause he is a man,and keep staring at me.. like wanna eat me.. so feel like having sexual harassment.. and i saw his hand move a bit.. and "pops" the hand moved to mine, before its become more worst and i can't stand it anymore better i spoke up .. "sir can u move? boley ke sane sket tak? " with my mad face.. i can't think anyone luv that look.. "ok ok" he moves .. hah look? thats huge seat.. so why nak sempit with me.. and looking .. staring at me like dem wanna eat me.. tgn tue gatal2..i'm turkey ker?..

this is my third experience for this stupid things in my life.. everytime happen in bus.. once when i took a bus from kl to cyberjaya.. its so full.. but terpakse naik cause it's late.. suddenly i feel hand .. somebody's hand on me?i'm looking behind me.. its not local people..when at first I tot that person tak sengaja.. but we can notice rite? tapi this one nope.. absolutely no.. mmg sengaje.. we can feel it rite? i'm the who one feel it.. so i know its differ.. i'm so mad.. so i turning facing him cause the bus its too full and i can't move.. face him, and make sure its not happen again.. not again key.. i'm sick of this type of people.. take advantage with this full situation.. so.. now.. i'm not using bus to kl.. or from kl, better i took ERL, really comfortable.. even the price triple.. but.. worth it.. much much more better.. ala.. its not always u goin to kl rite? and else goin with car.. more safety...

i can't understand what this people thinking.. mebi nothing because it's not rape.. it just touch.. not more.. hey.. its gonna be more worst la if we not take this seriously.. and we as "victim" really uncomfortable.. sexual harassment is not a game, its do hurts people, mentally or physically..why they acting like that? easily rub people.. and sometimes y me? i'm not dem hell sexy pon.. or i'm not dress like bitch .. going back to hometown.. i think my dressing much more proper.. sopan giler.. y ? y me? dizzy to think abt it.. and i just cant stand it anymore..

What is sexual harassment? here.

Sexual harassment could be:

  • unwelcome physical touching
  • sexual or suggestive comments, jokes or taunts
  • unwelcome requests for sex
  • the display of clearly sexual material (such as photos, pin-ups or pictures) or reading matter (such as e-mails, faxes or letters)

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