Monday, March 07, 2005

Saturday To Remember..

Saturday To Remember..


Last saturday.. what a day i had .. a day to remember in my life..

early morning I supposed to sent mom to Hartamas, and when get back to Kuala Sel.. i got something to settle in Klang.. just me and Amni.. so after that , we stop at Klang Parade coz she want Happy Meal.. so after lunch, horrible thing happen.. my car couldnt start.. arrghh i never had experienced like this.. i never wanted this happen on that Saturday.. coz i need to attend my school reunion at 3 pm and i promised to Nani,Yus and Iti to pick them up at Kuala Sel.. can i made it? alredi 1230 pm.. i promised alredi laa.. that car not really old la.. i think only 1 year half .. not a second hand car plak tue.. so calm down Nadia.. it must got a solution , so one guy helped me to find a mechanic.. meanwhile i call my dad.. my dad asked me to call my uncle, my Paklang.. aih.. him? dier garang la.. but he live in Pandamaran.. and Klang's policeman.. so i really need his helped.. so i call him.. and dier sampai jer..

"huh.. nieh bateri.. mane nk start mcm tue.. tgk neih.. air bateri pon kering abes.. ko nieh.. bawak kerete jer tau.. tgk air bateri x tau ker? lain kali check"

hah.. how supposed i know? stakat check air.. bley la. Paklang nieh.. dier mmg garang but mulut jer laser.. i dah kebal... so he call his "kidz" polices under him la..

"hah bangun2.. membute lg.. aku nk suh tolak kete neih "

" ko pegi carik bateri bawak kat depan klang Parade"

after 5 minutes, got 7-8 police there.. aih.. like me doing something wrong there.. klaka giler.. so at 2 pm all things settle alredi.. aih.. finally i can breathe back..

but.. i missed to pick my friends.. and sure late for my reunion.. and after this i'm sure checking everything properly lol.. x nak la lagi camnieh.. first experience..

School's Reunion

So i be at school around 415.. :) really missed all this enviroment.. 5 years .. lot of memories.. everything not really differ.. still same .. Hostel.. Musolla.. Hall.. field..

I shared with you next entry.. so many things in 5 years my teen's life..

Everyone changes.. more matured.. some people got kids.. my batch not yet .. :p 21 only maa.. have their own life.. time is running..

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