Friday, April 01, 2005

be somebody!

Be somebody!

every month CLEO is one of my fovourite magazine besides FEMALE and HER WORLD, mags which i must buy each month, so every year they got The Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors. And jeng jeng... 2005 Bachelor babe Fest begin now!

hehe actually i'm not too excited about this.. so the unexpected thing, when i noticed someone. oh God.. i know this guy... he's Arlzev.. oh i guess its u.. how come u can enter this, a list of hot, witty, charming and talented guys around Malaysia?. He is engineering's UTP student and Serawakian guy. I'm not really sure that's him but when i read his bulletin board in Friendster.. so confirm was really him.. hehe how come? putting a makeup on his face? he looks so listed.. aha..

He will be somebody later.. sure.. this is a state to enter a glamorous world, example for successful bachelors are Jehan Miskin, Rashid Salleh, Ramon ( when i saw him in campus, not really"hot stuff"..but really pan asian lo..) .. a few named.. so pick up ur fave bachelor now heheh.. they all sooo wow!.. got really great job.. doctor, engineer, consultant, architect.. so awesome.. after all, isn't the brain the sexiest part of man?

enuff that..

My little angel turns 5th today..1st Apr.. i can't go back.. i got paper next week.. and for sure i never can study at home.. wish u a happy birthday, be a good girl... mama miss u much! and she was ringing me just now.. excited about the gift.. i post it.. hehe and asked me for going back home.. mama can't la . sian dier.. i luv u!

For Mama's Little Girl

I just...
loved to tell you stories.
taught you how to ride a bike.
surprised you with your fave.
taught you to fly a kite.
slept with you every nite.
saw u wait for me each day.
kissed u .


We used to share fudge sundaes,
And ice cream in a cone.
And a pieces of blanket.
And book to color.
And though i cannot see you
I'm not standing here alone.

Cause my angel's always with me

I watch you grow
And the changes amazed me.
Look at you now
My little girl has grown so fast
The changes are remarkable

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