Saturday, July 23, 2005

on my bed

On My Bed

my health totally down to zero for past weeks and still zero now .. curse?? .. aiseh.. get well soon nadia!

can't do anything, spending much time on bed, with a box of tissue, my bed sox, blanket, and of course my handset ... watchin tv .. thats all.. no life at all. aih.. ingat 5 perkara sblm dtg 5? its spinning around my head all time.. wah.. miss all days when i can do anything .. everything..

somethin reminds me about a "thing" ..

last sem i got lab partner, a chinese guy .. We alredi be friends for long period time .. since my 1st class at MMU.. so one day, my lab instructor and other instructor.. came to us, we working at that time, suddenly he said

"one chinese guy and malay girl.. seldom u know"

aa? so wut do u mean sir? and we just keep working our task..

"so u want to convert?" didnt expected he could asked that question to my partner..

i just.. aaa? "wut do u mean sir? we just friend"

and my partner said"yea.. we know each other since alpha.. only friend la.. "

and he keep bla bla.. "but interestin la when u married.. ur kids can get 'bumiputra' .. can enter UITM, easy to buy house, get loan, everything its easy... but difficult part when u want to told ur family that want to marry other races.. different religion.."

i keep my mouth shut.. aih.. dier ni.. but somehow i realize.. really not easy thing when u want to spent ur entire life with other race.. and most important when "he" believe in other religion.. a lot and lot of things u must think and do properly.. me? i dont think so.. not brave enuff.. SEPET situation :p One Chinese Boy, One Malay Girl and This Is Not A Film

and last week.. i meet 2 arab guy , actually they not my friends la just teman org je.., we talk a lot of issues, i think i can related with my post this time, which one of this guy said that difficult when u want to marry with different countries. Example when u married wif Malaysian, and u r other citizen, sometimes its difficult u to a get PR(permanent residence) after u married, becoz, they got a lot of friends who married with Malaysian.. their experience.. aaa? i dont know la.. :p i'm married with foreigner? can't imagine..

Health is like munny, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. ~Josh Billings

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