Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In Love

In Love

just now in lab.. my tutor called names.. and suddenly he said "name that i call just now.. u've been barred from final exam"

heh.. class start make bees noise.. heh.. i dont feel anything cause my name wasn't there..hehe.. but pity all of them.. heh.. final just a week around.. and then just now u know.. that u've been barred? describe their feelings..

He keep saying he can't do anything cause its all our fault..not attend labs.. hehe.. suddenly he smile..big laugh came out.. "i just joking" i think he can't stand any longer.. with their explanations..begging.. hehe

ahaha class.. u've been punk'd! yea.. we all got punk'd.. u got all nice one..


my week.. kinda dizzy, hectic.. i got 4 assignmt to submit, end of this week.. and rimas with all my stuff.. my laptop i was installed Linux - JDS for my last assigment.. so .. got many partition.. wah. everythings disorganized.. my room.. my notes.. argghh..

heh.. hectic life .. but lately.. i more passion to continue my master .. even thou i'm still undergraduate.. hehe. but i don't know.. i want! maybe it came out cause i was helping my mother for her application to continue Phd.. She applied Uitm .. it is near to our house :p he.. but if she got it.. it takes 5 years.. wah.. lamenyer.. yea.. cause it just a part time .. she's really inspire me.. in age 46.. she's still got passion to continue.. to study..

erghh.. susah la blaja nieh ;p go go chaiyo! sket jer lg nadia.. nk abes.. eh


by the way..
Liverpool win last nite..
in their first real test as defending champions..
I really in love with liverpool.. aha.. that title means for..

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