Saturday, September 17, 2005



enuff!!! i'm sick with this guy. if i can throw this man .. yes! i loveeeeeeeee to do that.. remember??.. about one foreigner guy i was post before?

eee.. dah la issue "i'm his gf" not settle yet.. n then.. he keep makes me geram la.. he told his friends that i'm his gf.. and then keep inviting me to his house.. wanna cook for me.. dinner with me la. eeee in your dream la! i will not.. unless i bring all my friends.. hah. rasekan.. masak utk sume.. heh.. yasterday he was mad with me.. because he didnt see me at campus and because of i'm not replying his msg.. wah. he was clearly cross my line..dude.. u better step back if u want me as a a good friend .. key? i'm not urs key.. i dont need someone to control wut i'm doing..

and this week i got things to settle.. as i told before.. hectic week.. dateline to rush.. and he keep pushing me doing many things for him.. errgghh.. find other girl la.. and y me he keep asking for?

geramnyer la..

hish better i continue my work..

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