Wednesday, October 05, 2005



For last 3-4 weeks ..i'm in "a mission".. crazy thing that i'm working on it..
ehehe.. so far so good.. i hope.. i wish!
it almost half journey.. or it just 1/4 journey?
so i can't meet people for next 2-3 month.. chaiyo! chaiyo!
if fail? its not an option that i wish for.. aiyak.. hopefully nope..
So after this.. if i made it..if i pass this mission.. its time to revenge baby!
u r so gonna in my list.. 1st list..
aha belum dpt dh niat x baik.. mane la nk dpt..
but motivation actually.. revenge.. revenge..
i'll prove that i can live better..
everything will changes.. lots improvement
i'll kick ur ass! *evil laughs

how freak i'm turning to??? aiyak..

So.. happy Ramadhan to all Muslim out there..
kinda alone here.. everyone finish their exam yasterday..
aih.. just me .. happy fasting here :)
nxt couple day.. i'll be back home! yeay!

before that day..
my mom so happy when she knows that i'll spent time fasting at home..
last year.. i just back 3 days before syawal come..
so.. this year.. she assign me so many task to settle down..
only 1st day of puase.. she already list down everything to me..
"langsir" aiyak .. shopping for curtains.. me? ok la.. i'm good in choosing..ehe really?
"kuih raye" every year.. only me working on it... why i'm eldest? n a girl?
"flower" why my mom can't do deco? aih she said she don't have "art finger"
daaa? me too.. but yeah.. better than my mom.. much much better.. sorry mommy.. eheh

and more worst.. i'm the only one in holiday.. why i can drive n the eldest ehehe.. ?
can't wait to back home! yeay!

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