Wednesday, December 14, 2005



phew.. sungguh lame.. since last i updated..
so whats new in my life? ha.

so.. last week.. relatives event..
and ..
i'm not expecting a question or questions.
but it do came from eveyone.

"bila majlis Dia?"
"Dia.. bile lagi?"
"bila kite nak datang kuale s'ngor nieh.. kenduri"

* Dia. (me)

Peoples. i'm only 21st.. what should i ? why?
Its only.. because i'm the eldest girl there.. so everyone keep asking.
tak sangke.. baru 21.. sume dah tanye.. aih
Biar jer la budak2 lelaki tue kawen dulu.. aiyak.

i'm only 21 la..
i dont care wut people say.
and plus. i do love my freedom.


so.. i do falling in love now.
really do.
with kickboxing.
my obsession rite now.
coolest thing i ever done.

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