Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i'm back!!!
before this.
I'm soo lazy to write down things
even sooo lazy to read others..
i'm full!

this semester really killing me..
each class dem bored!
whut's going on??
why i'm the lucky one to get really bored lecturer?
ehehe but luckily he's cute.. ehehe
firsst time la. i got malay guy for lecturer. 2 class plak tue.
ehehe tp busannye ya ampun..
hopefully i can handle till ends of sem.

why? every blog i walk thru..
its all about shopping.
ebay la. kind of stuff.
ehehe.. pengaruh x baik ni.
ehehe.. but betty keep saying..
"nadia.. ebay.. ebay.. "
yea. a lot of stuff for shop! and its cheap!
tak mungkin i terpengaruh.
mebi yea..
but not my money la..
this comin mei??
everyone waiting for mei
for different reason.
for me??

i will keep updating for now on.!

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