Tuesday, April 11, 2006

18 SX and Boyfriendsssss???

18 SX

i just bck from mines.
actually. my friend ask me. if i can helped him to mines.
so i said yes. of course. nothing to do today.
he supposed to pick his basketball team's jerseys at A1 .

helping friends. nothing wrong. aite?
lagipon ud nk baya duit minyak. ahahah. bisa2
me. ud. lionel. daniel.
so four of us.
both lionel and daniel is africans. frm Uganda.
they really nice. and we had many things to talk

one conversation i had.
makes me smile.
it was when daniel asked me.

daniel : u wear hijab like this aite. everywhere? i mean u always wear it?
me : yea. no.. i mean. in home. its not necessary.suppose when u goin out and when u with men. except with certain men.
daniel : its compulsory?
me : yes. it is.
daniel : i think many peoples not wear it.. so how?
me : its up to them. if they didn't. they got sins. its compulsory to wear it dow.
daniel : oh ok. so. i wondering. if u had a boyfriend aite? erm. i donno if i can ask it.
me : nvm. i'm open minded person. so u can ask if u hv one.
daniel : if someone had bf. so. when hv sex. u still wear hijab la? u said it compulsory aite?
me : ok. we supposed to do it after married. that big issue. its really wrong. **How I want explain
daniel : yea. i know tht. but statistic in malaysia. teens in age 19.Their had first experience.
me : aha. i read it too and if like tht . i dont think peoples wear it laa.. aiyak.. * can u imagine??
daniel : ehe. sorry.
me : its ok. *smile

they said tudung is hijab.
haih. penat den.


daniel : and. do u have boyfriend?
me : why people always ask this? if i said yes? n if i said no?
daniel : no?? i can't believe it. hehe. its weird if u dont hv anyone
me : ahaha.

lets it goes..


and. bck home.
ud. asking me the same questions.
aiyak. why? why?

ud : nadia. ko ade bf x?
me : napenye. aiyak sume org nk tanye ni nape
ud : entah. aku x caye ko x de.
me : sukati aku la. ko ni.
ud : ale. budak2 nieh tanye.
me : hah. yela. nanti aku approach sesape. ehe.
ud : aku suh lionel la.

sudah2.. its enuff. ehe.
prob with budak Iran nih pon belum abes.
but. why?? hard to believe i'm still single?
i'm not married yet. ahahahaha.

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