Wednesday, April 26, 2006

commercial break

Commercial Break.

i couldn't even breathe for this week.
i was sOo busy.
but. weird part is.
i updating my blog.
aha gila ape.
i wish i can make up my sleep for whole day later.
tido2. i misss u!!!

something happen this week.
someone approach me.
guess who?
that african's guy.
i was so. whut???
at first i tot he was playing.
i just laugh.
and. when turns to serious.
i couldn't stand anymore.
what r u doing man???

i didnt get it
i think i layan dier.
same as all my friends
dah la. malas nk pk.
hohohoho. malas seh.
ntah apepe ntah.
i think i x pernah kua just 2 of us.
or apepe.

now i know why he reacts weird before.
call me. ask me out.
hey. i'm dying this couple weeks.
i dont have time to sleep.even.
hai. since when ???
i asked him.
he said.
"the first we meet"
alemak. love at first sight la. eh.
ehehhe. okeh la.
but. obviously. everyone know d answer.
nope. sorry.
i dont hv any feeling.
and he is foreigner.
and he non-muslim.
its enuff?
x perlu pk panjang2.
and obviously
i'm wearing tudung.
i'm not clubbing
i'm not sexy.
i'm fatty one :p
why in this world. choosing me?
find another one la daniel.
and until now. please. stay away from me.
i'm not really comfort with this guy anymore.

hey. jap iran. jap africa. pening makcik.
commercial break for this week.
makes me laugh sebentar. bentar ya.

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