Wednesday, April 19, 2006



i'm finish with my seminar task.
as our task.
each group must conduct a seminar.
so our turn suppose last week.
but. tuesday was public holiday.
so carry on this week.

before presentation.
my hand was shaking.
even aircond not as cold as my palm.
i'm emcee.
so imagine. i must be in front for the whole time.
uwaa. menakutkn
boleh tak dorg assign me as emcee. ?? teruk.

so the result was unexpected actually.
lecturer was said.
"the best seminar"
"really well organize, structured"
menarik sungguh. x sie2 tido kol 4. wat slide, flyers.

and the part when Q and A section.
it was mess a bit.
at first. i look so garang. ehe.
and when lecturer asked a question.
i answer it. with my way la.
plus with my blur face. =p
but everyone laugh.
erh???i wonder why
i'm not get it.
even in other class.
my friends keep repeat what i'm saying.

#YM conversation#

nirmaazni: thats y u have to tell ur neighbour.eheheheh
nadiacumilzz: amende yg korg gelak sebenanye
nadiacumilzz: aku musykil la
nirmaazni: sumpah keeee
nirmaazni: kitorang tergelak cara kau jwb kat lec tuh
nirmaazni: sumpah ngan penuh attitude dan sarcastic tone
nadiacumilzz: aiyak
nadiacumilzz: yer ker
nadiacumilzz: wat malu jer
nirmaazni: heheh
nirmaazni: sume org kagum aa ngan kau
nirmaazni: sbb dgn selambanye kau jwb soalan die
nadiacumilzz: yerla dier tanye yg mcm bukan2 jer.siut je.

ud: jap
ud: nadia
ud: klakar la ko present tadi
ud: comel je
nadiacumilzz: apsal plak
nadiacumilzz: aku x paham
nadiacumilzz: nape org gelak
ud: ko la
ud: klakar ko nye ayat
nadiacumilzz: tue yg aku x paham. salah ke
nadiacumilzz: aiyak

nih paste dr YM eh. tiade penambahan. mahupon penukaran =p
so nxt time org dh kenal me. aih.
i won't be invisible in class anymore.


last weekend.
my neighbour's wedding.
and next week pon my other neighbour's wedding.
so. i borak2 with my mom.
my mom told me tht.
aritue maklong. ade ckp.
ehe. klau her son mcm lmbt sgt nk carik org.
lambat sgt jodoh
she will arrange je. with me ke. or other cousin.
but the point is. "me"
teruk betul.
my mom ckp mak long bekenan kot.
ahahahah pliezz
bytheway. anak dier sume laki. 6 of them.
my cousin ramai guys.
mentang2 la i x pernah bawak sesape jumper my relatives.
so assume aku neih. single n available la.
boleh jer amek eh. teruk tul.
tamo aku kawen ngn cousin.
dh mcm abg2 dh.
"nanti Dia carikkan korg makwe eh"
nk ckp camtue ngn dorg nanti la. ehehe.

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