Monday, April 03, 2006

Zai nieeeeeeee tag jer aku eh =p

Tag 1

1. Three names you go by
a) nadia
b) along
c) nodie

2. Three screen names you've had
a) nodie
b) nine
c)Latifah Jaffar(heh)

3. Three things you like bout yourself
a) love driving
b) neopets maniac
c) I'm not hot temper

4. Three things you don't like bout yourself
a) moody
b) can't say NO
c) lazy enuff

5. Three parts of your heritage
a) Minang
b) Bugis
c) Javanese

6. Three things that scare you (or mostly creeps you out)
a) death before taubat.
b) marriage
c) old (wrinkle, etc)

7. Three of your everyday essential
a) handphone
b) purse
c) keys (car/house)

8. Three things you're wearing right now
a) short
b) black t-shirt
c) wut else?

9. Three of your favorite bands (or artist at the moment)
a) kelly clarkson
b) ello
c) awie.?? ahah ni lagu iris jer =p

10. Three of your favorite songs
a) iris ( awie ) can u believe it?
b) all my life
c) pergi utk kembali ( ello )

11. Three new things you'd like to try in the next 12 months
a) vacation
b) finish my FYP
c) loveeeeeee someone =)

12. Three things you want in a relationship (love included in the package)
a) ever lasting.
b) lucky.
c) loyalty

13. Two truths and a lie
a) paranoid about relationship
b) sooo lazyyy..
c) happy

14. Three people who have to take this quiz now or die painfully.
a) ?
b) ??

Tag 2

4 Jobs I Had In My Life
1. teacher
2. librarian
3. maid
4. x de dah.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
1. bridget jones (both)
2. legally blonde
3. miss congeniality
4. mujse dosti .. ( lupe ) =p

Four TV Shows I love To Watch
1. CSI
2. Amazing Race
3. Crayon Sin Chan
4. byk sgt aaa

Four Places I've Lived (In no particular order)
1.Kulai ( umah nenek )
3.Kuala Selangor

Four Places I've Been On Vacation To
1. Singapore
2. Penang
3. PD
4. Terengganu

Four Places I'd Rather Be In
1. my bed
2. front of my laptop
3. my lovely hometown (kuala selangor =p)
4. my car.

Four of My Favorite Food
1. kueh teow kerang
2. mee huuunn
3. KFC
4. Kenny Rogers. Yummy!

Four Websites I Visit Daily

Four Victims To Do this Tag
1. dk
2. shidee
3.bruce aka buttet
4. sape lg??

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