Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Around me.


last weekend.
i'm going back to kuala sel on thursday. till monday.
even i got paper on next coming tuesday
which is today.
thats paper totally disaster for most of us.
believe me.
ask everyone.
except scorer students la.
like victor. he's really good.
but so nerdy. alone. weird. i guess.
sgt menakjubkan. i still cont. my study at home.
one things really impressed me.
selalunye i'm so lazy bila sudah berada di rumah.
crazy aite?

ehe. so.
i attend my ex schoolmate engagement's day.
i arrived before it's started.
so. bile rombongn dh sampai.
i'm the one yg rase byk betul kupu2 dlm perut ni.
ehe. org lain betunang. org lain yg takut.
oh tidak. my fren lg rase mengigil.
tapi bkan ape pon kn. sarung cincin jer. ehe.
ooohh i want tiffany ring. or ringss. *wink .. pliz

wut else.
nothing much for couple weeks lately.
my life a bit boring. and busy. and busy. and plus lazy.
there is final's xm.
and there is preparation for my training.
i got confirmation from international plant at serdang.
i think its like incubator.
i've no idea. i dint know where tht place.
i guess i will find later.
finish exams on 27th.
start my industrial training on 1st june.
kinda rushing aite?
training alone. its soo scary la.
hey. keje nanti. x kn ikut member kot kan.

teacher's day.
so remind me.
when i was a teacher last year.
i was replacement teacher for 2 months.
sesape yg x tau.
nyanyi lagu kat atas pentas.
saya guru malaysia
berikrar dan berjanji
i can stand for 2 months.
and sempat plak tue celebrate teacher's day
thats really sweet memory. really.
but i'm not going to be one of them.
a teacher.
not me. ehe.
kene buli je.

heep.i do wondering.when?finally. the moment.

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