Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I remember.
When i wish her a very Happy Mothers Day..
I felt so guilty when i don't have something to makes her happy.
Althought i know. just a simple hug. and a wish.
Makes her world meaningful. a wish from her own child.
Even amni, wish and create a card for her. early Sunday morning.

But. for me.
If i dont have something. on that wonderful day.
I just felt so guilty.
I just so busy for coming exam at that time.
So i don't have time looking for something special for her.

Finally i found a Parker for her.
I have no idea that ball pen can be so expensive.
Up to rm500. aiyah. i can't afford it. if just for a ball pen. *roundeyes
I think that gift will suit with her.
I hope so.
I love to see her face when open it.
Smile. and big hug.
Hey. you know what.
She is My Beautiful Mother.

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