Monday, June 12, 2006

Stage Of Life

Stage Of Life

Once again its come to Engagement.
Of course.
School hols aite?
So.. many people had one.

A friend of mine.
Who i meet since tadika.
Engage! i'm so happy and exciting.
But secretly a little nervous.
It's a little strange to see people I grew up with getting married.

I can't imagine getting married yet... but maybe.i'm not deny it.
How can she really know what she wants already?
what makes this one different?
are u sure he's the one for u.. forever?
ehe. mengarut jer nadia nieh..

But. I really meant it. How u can feel. He's the one? Hopefully I'll know HIM soon

in other side of myself.

Estoy esperandote .. Estoy pensando en ti ..

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