Wednesday, July 26, 2006

helloo.. can i ?

helloo.. can i ?

oih. someone give u his phone number
i'm so blur. and. lookin at my fren.
nah! ni hah.

it just a paper with name and phone number.

ape bende neih.. tetibe jer kan. tekejut.
ntah.. mase bayar tadi.waiter tue suh pass kt ko
she said, ade guy frm another table ask her help.
aiyak. seriously me? salah org kot.
Clearly she was said, bagi kat gurl baju hitam tue.

i'm looking at my fren.

Ira pon hitam kot.
baju hitam. tudung hitam. ko jer la kot.

helloo.. u want my phone number?
ask me la..
i'm not going to ring stranger..
but if himself la kan asking ur number.
u berani ker bg nadia?
ahaha. tgk la. if handsome. *thinking

no laaa.. of course not.
it just a weird situation.
but sorry joe.
i'm not ring people randomly.

but i still feel tht guy salah org kot.. takkan laa.. muskill

p/s- Just cause u not see me wif someone, i'm not LOSER
*rolling eyes.
jgn la anggap sy loser. teruk la ;p

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