Monday, July 10, 2006

New members!!

New members!!

i was at the market, early2 Saturday's morning.
so suddenly i lost my sis, amni.
we used to pegi pasar.. pagi2. beduer.
tibe2. she came with a kitten, kotor, ee yerk.

amni : mama.. kite bawak dier balik maa.
me : nope. put him back.
amni : ale.. tgk dier.. sooo cutee.
me : nope. nanti ayah marah la.
amni : ala.. plizzz.. ami promise, ami hafal story.. plizzz maa..

with her looks. begging me again and again.
tell me how i can say no?

so. tht kitten is sooo small..
i think a week or couples week old.
After my bro mandikan dier.
we tried to feed him with full cream milk.
but he can't lick it.
so. i decided to bought him a bottle.
eheh. so me and amni.
looking for cheapest bottle tht we can get at the store.
amni ni pon satu.. suruh beli bottle yg lawa2.. disney la.
it just for kitten laaa.. not a real baby. ehe.
i'm so exciting! eventhou.
i x pernah pegang.
takut sket nk pegang binatang nie :p
bkan takut... geeelliii
with a nu bottle. nu basket. blanket.
Sooo cutee.. we got a new baby in da house!!
my mom used to feed him everyday. ehe.
welcome baby!

i hope someone comebck here as soooonn!!
i can't wait any longer *praying*

*oleh kerane korg salah paham :p
merujuk line atas ni.
aku tunggu member aku balik bawak brg world cup laaa.

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