Friday, July 21, 2006

Plizz daddyyy..

Plizz daddyyy..

"Ayah.. can u give me xtra dis week?"
"for wut?"
"i want to buy sumtins."
"ye la ape dier"
"bla.. bla.. "
"x yah la"
"erh? haleee"
"x yah la.. its not so important kn. along ada byk je bags n shoes"

and i'm ssoooo speechless..
i never fail bab2 pujuk my dad ni.
even my mom pon klau want sumtins
she asked dad thru me.
so now? i fail begging for the first time..
uwaaaa sgt sedih

but, i never give up.
"ayah. u pass to ibu the line. "

"ibuuu.. fail la pujuk ayah.. sgt sedihh
how i'm goin to metro sale tmr???"

my mom laugh... eee so irritating.

"haleee jgn gelak. teruk laaaa"
"ok la. i give u money. so byk stuff yg sale?"
"ye ye ye.. halee.. jgn sket sgt masuk. i need XTRA tau"
"one condition, u buy me sumtin. i need nu hanbag
and only.. if there extra money baru u buy yours"
"hah?? teruknye. i'm the one yg nk"
"i give u xtra la. takut sgt."

itulah ops begging my parent for metrojaya preview sale last wednesday.

when i can get my very own money??
I hate SALE!! i selalu tergodaaaa..

so last shopping.
i get a new
EAST INDIA skirt and top.

and NADIA plizz stop.
of course!
yea.. i dont have money anymore.
and dah jatuh miskin dah pon.
plus ayah malas nk layan dh.
sgt menyedihkan bile i fail begging my dad..

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