Monday, July 17, 2006



i'm spending too much this month.
seriously. its too much.
i can't resist the temptation.
i think i borong habis at MNG sales last couple weeks.
lemme see.
jeans, tops, belt.

julie ckp. budak ni mmg dh giler.
julie teman i shopping kt klcc aritue. ehe.
imagine. i arrive at klcc around 2pm.
i kua dr situ around 9pm mcm tue.
agak sakit kaki la gak. bkan agak.
balik tue i kene rendam my feet dlm air panas. :p
zack pon tunggu kat pintu MNG tue. sampai bersile kot.
dier kate. nadddiiiaa.. lame lg ke..
cumil la shopping ngn zack. bising je.
and with my besstt buddy baiti. ;)
zai.. nxt time. i'll make sure ko ade :p
ZARA pon sale. but i can't find things yg bekenan.
aih. nk masuk fitting room.. line pon pnjang tau.
tp i Q jugakk..

when i can get shopping again???
mega sale nk start dah
elakkan malll nadia.. i can't resist it.
i think i should stop. seriously i need to stop.
i spend lots sgt la.

lg satu..
my car pon i think its almost ****
i spend on it for last month.
sbb. i repaint, insurance, roadtax
sgt menakutkn. when u r not working yet. but u spend too much.
i need more money!

i think gurls i used to be like tht.
myself pon. same.
i dont feel tired. when it goes to shopping.
i can spend hoursss.
but the output. x de la oke pon
sumtimes, i can't get anythings pon.
even i dh spend hourss at mall.

but i think. i still not in paras bahaye
compare to all my frens.
ehe cause i dont think tht shopping is for therapy.
so i ok la lagi :p
i just feel it because of temptation i think. (-.-)
erh. ye ke?
but i think i gile when it comes to sale jer.
note that SALE only!

but puas hati..
if u mmg try one by one.
to get wut r u really one.
every shop pon i can try things.
sbb tue la boleh spend hoursss..
but output ileekk..

luckily my sister x pon mcm tue.
so i feel like the only daughter.

why..? why..?

pakcik. ko balik nanti. kite pegi victoria station jer aa..
ko blanje. ahaha. :p plus ko amek aku.
Bon Apétit!

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