Friday, August 18, 2006



wah nadia.. u sepasang dgn Paul ye arinie.

i'm looking blur.
suddenly i just notice tht Dr. Paul. wearing turquoise shirt.
i'm wearing turquoise chiffon kurung.
so looks alike.
wah2. they noticed me everyday.

before this
Oyum. wearing red shirt.
i masuk je office. everyone looking at me
and said.
"sepasang ni.."
cause i'm wearing same red color.
i'm wearing red kurung.
ergh? i was said wut??
i'm not going anywhere tht day
but everyone noticed it.
i hate same color wif ppl!!
except mine kan. ehehe.
Oyum ni boleh la buat statement
"esok pakai color ape weih"
x kuase makcik.

no no.. if i just wear shirt and jeans.
if same color pon. ppl dont bother.
mebi cause baju kurung nmpk menyerlah kot.
mebi la..
but it makes me realize.
ppl aware wut i'm wearing everyday.
wah. thts so coool
yela. some other asking me.
"how many shoes tht u hv nadia?"
haleeee.. i'm not wearing Dior shoes pon..
so acceptable la if i have many. aite??

it reminds me when
me as replacement teacher last year.
"purple shoe nie.. mesti nadia. sbb akak nmpk dier pakai baju purple arini."
"cikgu. klau ade award cikgu byk handbag. mesti cikgu menang"

i mean. i mmg camtueee..
i can't do anything about it.
i can't wear sandal wif baju kurung.
i can't wear same black tudung everyday.
i can't wear not matching things.

but it kinda kewl~
ppl actually highlighting u.
the way u dress up everyday.

p/s- i hv great weekend with u guys!
i luv u all!!! betty, julie, syila. eimma, azie.

sorry x dpt tgk korg konvo. zai, sarah.
i actually waiting u guys till 1pm.
tp x kua2. i hv to rush to mlk tht sunday.

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