Monday, August 07, 2006

izzit wrong?

Izzit wrong??

tumpang tanye, macam mane nk pegi fakulti bisnes?
u terus jer. pastu sampai simpang 4. u masuk kiri.
*wif the "tone".and just looking my mom wif a blink.
and straight away leave my mom. continue joining her group and laugh.

tht the answer and reaction my mom get
when asked one student how to get to my sis's faculty.
i mean. tht u notice something wrong there??

their old ppl aite? i mean elder.
where's ur manners?
i've no idea if some of u think nothing wrong wif tht
and nothing to be ashamed of.
causes for me.
its definitely WRONG.
first. u suppose to call my mom as makcik or auntie
second. politely answer wif smile.
third. not straight away go. and leave my mom terpinge² camtue

izzit really hard? i mean.
nowadays ppl are used to be like tht.
i mean. u r malay.
nooo noo
u r malaysian. even other races pon act politely.
susah ke berbudi bahasa?

it really embarrassed when it happen
u r ipta student ,muslim, a women, and good looking.
for me. if ur behavior mcm tue.
ppl hardly see u as a beautiful women.
ur behavior represent how ur carry urself
as a muslim women and malay women.
i mean.
susah ke berbudi bahasa?
I passionately believe
that's it's not just what you say that counts,
it's also how you say it

really. i never act like tht so far in my life. i mean.
i've been teach respect the elders.
one thing i really remembered till now.
my mom alredi was clearly said.
salam org tuer kene cium tgn.
but. i salam but i put the hand kat dahi instead of kiss the hand.
i think mase tue. i 7 years old.
so. my uncle marah
Diya ni. klau salam tgn. bkannye cium tgn. suke letak kt dahi.
dh la raye. so sgt terase.
from tht moment. i realized tht
ppl are monitoring u for whole aspect
AND ppl judging u from tht,
how u carry urself.
it doesnt matter if u guy or women.
as long u a human. u should threat others same
as u want u to be respect.

I mean for our life.
even u dont have everything
at least. u ade budi bahasa
budi bahasa budaya kita

hah. kan nadia dah membebel. =D

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