Friday, August 11, 2006

mix. rojak. entry

mix. rojak. entry

r u comin bck today?
yea. i guess so.
y u askin?
i mean. its nothing to do if u goin bck kuala sel rite?
oo. yea. of course i've somtin.

i mean. erh?
izzit sometin weird? if i'm goin bck each week
haleeee mmg la kuala s'ngor tue nothin.
cowboy town je * bak kate org.
but. ade watson taauu skang :p

i've no idea. lately its nothin to dooo.
so pathetic. yeaaa.
everyone invi for internship.
which is around the world. i think :p
but i'm training here. haih. x bekembang.
plus ramai dah grad. i'm comin for convo at last!
cause someone push me too.
poor meeeee.. ehe. no laa..
i'm comin honeeyyy. with condition.
u must attend mine nxt yer tau!!
honey a.k.a Syilawati yg cumut.
for all my beloved buddy.
happy convo!!!!
my beloved senior.

sedih la sebenanye.
i mean. ppl step fwd for nxt level of life.
grad, nice job, gettin married. and so on on on.
and left. only by urself.
my point is u by urself will thru the life.
ppl r not wif u always. u create ur own life.
i miss all good things wif ur guys!!!
yea i do. aih. i'm sOooO sad rite now.
eh plusss.
someone tu kn. ade ura-ura nk kawen
lepas cik abg dier abes master.
hamboiiiiiii. tapeee. aku nk tepung tawar kt parit raja tue :p

ehe. i'm not around office for a week.
ehe. dr.paul assign me wif one project.
i mean. i'm goin off for outstation.
can i call it tht term?
eceh. i'm only interns laaaa.
i just work from home. thts all. ehehe cumil
so my partner-in-crime sOo jelesss
dok opis elok² oyum..

p/s- i'm sooo intoo this

ambil aku cepat²
ikat aku erat²
renung aku tepat²
mari dekat²
usah sekat²

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