Friday, August 04, 2006



lately.. asek ujan je.
i mean. i feel so weird.
it's not about "raining".
it's about me.
weirdo me.
before this, i'm used to tido mati.
letak bom ke. apa ke. but it can't wake me up.
oh i know. only cutie lil mosquito. can wake me up.
but the point is. lately. i easily tejage.
it just when comes to raining.
and i feeelll takuutt sgt.
i've no idea why..
y? y? x macho aa ujan pon takuttt!!

it's normal la. if ppl afraid wif lightning
but me.. only rain.
tapi. takkuuttnnyyeee..
pastu sorok dlm simutt.

pelik laa..
tibe² je mcm nieh.
muskilll la nadia..

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