Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Where r u going?

Where r u going?

ppl are asking me.
where am goin for merdeka nite?
erm. of course. i'm not goin anywhere.
stop asking me those silly question.
i'm not going to join thousand of ppl.
sesak-sesak. and there-area wif full smoke.
soo uncomfortable.
i'm not planning menyesakkan lg myself.
semate-mate for countdown.
eheheh tido lg baik
its crowded~
but i dont mind to spend for just hang out.
not for klcc or dataran merdeka. nope!

i'm not celebrating any kind of celebration.
like merdeka or nu yer.
i've no idea y.
I guess i'm not really "fun". yea?
mebi not for u guys.
but. thts me. i dont care wut ppl luv to do.
i rather njoy at home.
u can watch tv kn? lg clear.

or mebi tht stuff r too old for me.
mase lil girl. boleh la.
am so excited.
celebrate merdeka la. new year la.
but now? rather be at home.
njoying wif non-crazy stuff.
but i never celebrate pon.
but i dont mind ppl njoy it.

Happy Merdeka day for all Malaysian.
"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better"

p/s-or movie? anyone wanna ask me?
oh gosh!! i've no idea when my last movie!
been months since my last.
So So So pathetic.

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