Friday, September 22, 2006



Lately something going on with me and my mom,my mom keep pushing me to start drink one branded herb juice, I'm kinda not really into something which I have to drink, pills yes I can just swallow it, without I can taste it. I can't stand for unusual taste, hello..., for your info, I x makan asam or pickle because it's taste so sour, I even can taste it in my throat while I'm just looking at it. So mengade aite? Actually that herb juice my mom started to drink for past few months, peoples are so impressed with the result, seriously, I'm the one who company my mom everywhere, so I heard what peoples keep repeated sentences,peoples who knows my mom.

"kak tipah, nampak muda la, makan ape neih"
"Makin lawa la"
"Eh ape rahsia ni?"
"U two looks like sisters"

I mean, the last sentence keep spinning in my head, what??? Sisters??? She's my mother laa.. Mother, Mother, Mother, I hate when peoples said like that, it shows two situations, first, I'm looks older or second she looks younger than her age. Obviously I'm not the one looks like 30's rite? Or am I? No laaa, she's the one looks younger than her looks before. I admit it myself.

She so loose lots of weight, from 80kg to 68kg. She is chasing my weight now!! I hate u mom!! I won't let it happen. ehehehe.

Plus one thing, she become more stylish, that was suppose credit for me, who else, I'm her P.A nowadays, yes.. she told everyone that I am her secretary a.k.a P.A. So, when comes to boutique that we used to go, she must drag me to be with her, to choose something for her. Shopping together, that one thing I enjoyed lots but looks like sisters????? Hate it!!! Sorry mom, I do hate that situation. ampun ehehehee. mau kene cubit nie.

Last week, when I'm back Kuala S'ngor, she was prepared for me everything, I mean the herb juice la, I don't want la mom with my yerks looks,


"You just drink it, its not I'm giving you poison or something, you skin looks more fair and radiant, seriously, its prove with my skin, no more pimples or blackhead"


"I don't have problem with my skin, I hardly had pimples"


"Yes you are, but your skin is not so fair and radiant"

Admit it, my skin not fair and so radiant, Ok, Ok laaa.. I start to drink it, so if you want to see the result, wait after Eid celebration, lepas raya la, that's only if I stick to drink it everyday, I'm not so schedule's person!!!! I'm skipper, and I hardly keep myself on time rite? Same goes to schedule thingy! Aih, for sure my mom cubit.. ehehehe

Welcome Ramadan! Happy Fasting for all Muslim.
Terawikh tau! Jgn Ponteng Puase!!

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