Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Spread! nee nooo I love a guy from island

In final week of my internship, I was assigned to shoot a video and supposedly to photograph all staff for headquarters. So.. I was asked Jee Jee ( admin officer) to sent a sample how the pictures will be, informal or formal, how the background, so Jee Jee sent back to me a picture of one guy as a sample,

Suddenly I was said
"Jee Jee, He's soo cute la, handsome"
with *my mengade tone

Jee Jee
"Really? I can give you his email, you can contact with him la, we can, definitely can, he's our staff in headquarters, and he's from Mauritius, but he's stay at Rome. And you know what he's interns too. ok laa tue, both interns.. bla.. bla.. "
*imagine 40+ age's women told me all this.

* Our headquarters at Rome, Italy
Sound so interesting, when I can be in Rome?

erh. ??
I just said one line, she was so kenekan me enough, rumors that I admire Mauritius guy spread around office, noo laaa I just said it because yes, it was true, he's kinda cute, with style,and stop there. I'm not admire him, haleeee, ape laa :p sajeje

Feels so weird for couple days before my internship end, I do love and I will miss the feeling when you don't have to sit for any exams. What a lovely, nice semester. Ahahaha. Going to miss u, office! muacckss :*
*Good Luck for MMUians for final exam next week.
Especially for Nozi, go go chaiyok!!!

what a nice-nice feeling without stressful exams. *so so belagak

So I just finish fill up some forms, they want to make sure that I have data in company, to keep track of me. Who knows that might be a vacancy there after my graduation. One thing I do love about this company is all staff travels lotss!! That the most important. So suke when know everyone fly over the world. They always brought something for us after travel.

Bye bye office! Welcome classessss!
At last, finally hols comes, lovely hols in Holy month of Ramadan.
surely I can rest.
* erh really?

* lupe plak, dr sheikh sy terbang ke moscow! *cry

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