Thursday, September 14, 2006



I'm so dem busy lately. So so busy.
Everyday I got meeting with my supervisor to settle all the crap things a.k.a final report/presentation slide and wut so ever. Cause nxt week my lecturer will come to office for my presentation. ooh dem. and make the worst thing eva, all staff will participate, everyone will "enjoy" my presentation. Hah. That's why my supervisor, Dr. Paul, so concern. ade je salah on my report. So I hv to add up something, delete few things.

Make the worst thing become more-more worst, when I've been told that I suppose to conduct a short course for ALL staff about new software!! So, I have to teach everyone plak. eeee. I'm so shock. So, the reason I have to do that, because I'm the only one who "MASTER" with that software, ya laa. They purchased it for my use kan, I'm the only one who using it everyday to finish my training project. So, what else to expect?

I hate la presentation. And to conduct a short course ALONE??? wut a nightmare!!!!
Ale. takut actually...
My company is international company, so there Dutch, Korean, Indian, African, Chinese, Germany laa. Psst.. ade yg handsome tau.. Imagine everyone starring at me. And asking me million-million of questions, aiya.. mati. I'm okey with presentation actually, it just in front of all staff kan. Bit scary la. nooo. Noo It is So so scary! I'm only interns remember?

Pray for me. Hopefully everything will go smooth.

Besides that, I got a job!!! Just part time job actually because I'm not finish study yet aite? Last week I got mail from a company that I send my resume to, actually I'm really surprises, because they said; only few people will be list for an interview. ahaha. So I just go for interview, and noticed that, I'm the only Malay lady there, hale.. So, after 2 hours interview, I got the job. I'm so excited!! My first job in IT field, cute x? And I don't have any basic in PHP and they still accept me... So Nadia will be joining a bunch of web programmer! But part time only tau ... I really hope that I'm doing well cause web programming the thing I really not familiar with. Not my major..

So that another reason that I'm so busy with. And my internship will end soon... Finally, Back to SCHOOL!!

Tired.. tired..

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